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Do you like variation in your work environment?

Do you want the benefits of a nice office without the fixed monthly costs and the obligations of a rental contract?

We offer you an inspiring workplace in an industrial setting, a cafeteria for delicious coffee, tea, soft drinks and a pleasant afternoon break with soup and a sandwich.

Flexoffices, sharing an office or an atelier,  coworking: how does it work?

You can rent our all-in spaces alone or in groups per half day. There are also formulas for having rooms available on a regular basis. However, you always take all your personal tools back home after each use. We therefore do not rent offices or workshops for a longer period and you will not get access to the building outside the agreed hours.

Working from home but in need of a professional environment for meetings with your clients? We provide the decor and the professional welcome, you get your dream order.

A glass of cava and a snack or an after work event with your colleagues? Work hard, play hard.

We take care of the practical matters. 

Offered services:

– a flexible all-in space package tailored to start-up and / or part-time entrepreneurs and hobbyists crafters / inventors / artists who realize the creed (hand) made in Belgium

– a “village” of entrepreneurs around a beating heart of cafeteria and common areas such as meeting rooms and classrooms

– spacious paved parking for cars 

– logistical support: receiving / sending parcels , receiving / sending / stocking pallets 

– fast and free internet

– a cross-fertilization with external people who use our spaces for temporary exhibitions, fairs, workshops and courses

– a network organization through which members can come out together with us and at other locations linked to the virtual internet platform

– strengthening the entrepreneurship of our members through courses

increase the visibility of small and partime business owners

Any questions? Let us know by filling out the form below.

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