Our building already has a rich history as a factory. It has grown organically since the 1960’s as a cosmetic factory, later it housed a silkscreen printing annex school furniture factory. We bought the building in 1995 and recycled plastics from the automotive and domestic appliances industry. As trendsetters in recycling, we applied the ‘craddle to craddle’ principle long before this term became known.

From 2015 we engaged in an adventurous transformation of 2.500m2 of our factory.

In addition to our activities as a business & event location, we remain active as experts in circular economy topics.
Our expertise includes:

cradle to cradle plastic recycling and sustainable separation techniques,

circular business models,

new work forms

reuse of old industrial sites

If you want to know more about this, please consult our website https://www.xpandprojects.com or simply contact us by mail or phone for an exploratory interview.


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